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Shop Wisconsin,

is a Wisconsin shopping directory designed to help the consumer find local shopping sites. Couple with a local business directory that is easily searched with one word or a phrase. Unlike having to find a category that fits your business, the search is done by keywords that you supply to describe your services.

In today's economy, more and more people are using the internet to find goods and services. Shop Wisconsin helps those consumers find your individual businesses and compliments those with existing web sites. Shop Wisconsin can also work with business groups, keeping the total individual cost down substantially. All businesses that are part of a group program also receive listings in the local shopping directory free of charge.

Shopping Sites,

are sites that concentrate on a geographical area and cost is shared by the businesses that participate. Costs can be as low as $15 per month. Each business not only receives a full page of their own but also receives a listing in the local shopping directory as well as a sales area that they have direct access to. Businesses are allowed to make as many changes as they wish at their convenience. We also design the pages and supply all graphics included in the cost. For those that have their own sites we will mirror you site as a full page in the group.

Complete web site design is also available at prices as little as $32 per month. Once designed and setup, these sites are also included in the local business shopping directory along with listings in the shopping sites.

First Step,

is of course up to you. Whether it be the local business shopping directory, shopping sites or your own web presence, it starts with contacting us. You call call us direct or email us through Shop Wisconsin.